Our projects

The portfolio of our construction company consists of a wide range of activities that we perform. We perform all services and activities with our certified employees. We focus mainly on the implementation and reconstruction of buildings, preparatory, and earthworks with its own equipment, reconstruction, and repair of civil engineering, and much more.

Rehabilitation of a rock notch on the BB-Štubňa line at km 27.5

Rehabilitation of the rock gate by installing safety nets.


Asphalting of inroads at the railway crossing between the villages of Čierna nad Tisou - Čierna and Michaľany - Luhyňa.


Rehabilitation of the bridge at Optima in Košice

Reprofiling of bridge girders of the middle field of the bridge with the reinforcement of the most damaged girders.


Comprehensive reconstruction of the bridge at 98,530 Devínska Nová Ves - Štúrovo line

Construction of a new bridge with the adjacent reconstruction of the tracks. The original bridge was completely demolished, and subsequently, a new bridge was built with a modification of the watercourse and track.

kovacova-most - 4.jpg

Reconstruction of the bridge in Kováčová

Complete reconstruction of the bridge, including the replacement of waterproofing, new bridge ledges, and new railings.


Construction of a hall for an accident crane unit.


Construction of a retaining wall in the village of Kováčová

Rehabilitation of landslides on the road by building a retaining wall and adjacent road in the village Kováčová.


Slope stabilization on the D1 in 349 km

Slope stabilization after landslide with a comprehensive drainage solution.